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Costs: Tank Removal and Cleanup

Please remember that a proper tank removal (or in-ground closure) is more than simply digging a tank out of the ground.  Someone with a back hoe may offer you a cheaper price, but consider carefully what receive you get for that price.  Please see our Tank Closure page.

PES will provide you with a comprehensive service to help you end your legal liability for the tank and contamination and will bring your property into full compliance with State and Federal requirements.  Tank removal is just one part of that process.  Removing the tank from your property without a proper assessment will not end the tank and contamination issue for you.  Let us explain why on our Responsibility and Liability page and the Property Value, Tanks Contamination Page. 

Tank Removal Costs:
Tank removal costs are not covered by the Trust Fund and are an out-of-pocket, non-reimbursable expense for the property owner. 

Site complications such as the amount of tank contents, tank size, and other factors affect the final cost of conducting a tank removal.  PES offers site specific estimates at no cost or obligation. 

Simple and straightforward tank removals should cost approximately $1900.  This includes: 

"Tank Removal" Includes:
Trust Fund eligibility research and document acquisition, logistical site planning, underground utility location , scheduling and coordinating all tank removal tasks (tank pumping, soil trucks, etc.), pumping and washing the tank, excavating of the tank, transport and proper disposal of the tank, collection of a soil sample to confirm the status of soil contamination, back filling the excavation, general site cleanup, and a professionally sealed report that documents the tank and contents disposal and explains the soil analysis results. When not reimbursed by the Trust Fund, the soil sample and closure report cost an additional $600.

(There will be no re-landscaping except for the items listed on your site specific estimate/contract. The excavation will be filled with "fill sand" slightly above the original land surface in an attempt to compensate for possible, gradual settling.) 

For underground tanks that have not leaked, it will cost approximately $2500 to properly close the tank (removal) and document that no contamination exists.  We believe that this is below the standard rate for a professionally licensed tank closure in the State of North Carolina.   

Clean up Costs:
North Carolina has established a Trust Fund to assist heating oil tank owners pay for the required cleanup associated with leaking tanks.  (Please see our Trust Fund Page).  Coverage from this fund was dramatically reduced in March of 2007.  Dollar amounts currently reimbursed by this Trust Fund are no longer adequate to pay for all of the cleanup tasks that are required (excavation, sampling, contamination investigations, reports, Trust Fund paperwork, etc.)  As a result of these lower Trust Fund rates, PES is currently charging a Trust Fund supplement to help off set the deficit from the current Trust Fund rates.  (PES's rates adjust according to changing Trust Fund rates.  Rates are subject to change without notice and will be established on your site specific estimate.)

After the Trust Fund supplement fee, Trust Fund reimbursement rates are adequate to cover all of the necessary assessment and clean up costs. 

PES will complete all of the State's Trust Fund forms for your signature.  Additionally, we will track your project and follow up with the State to ensure that you receive your Trust Fund reimbursement as timely as possible. 

Payment Options:
We currently offer two payment options for clients: a "pay as you go" option and a "co-payment option." 

If you select the "pay as you go" option, you will be invoiced at several points during the project at the established Trust Fund rates. A more detailed Sample Payment Schedule is available upon request.  Please see our Contact PES page.

If you select the "co-payment" option, PES will invoice you for the initial costs that are not covered by the Trust Fund, including a co-payment finance charge, and a refundable deposit.  PES will wait for the Trust Fund reimbursement to pay for the majority of the project cost.  Once the final Trust Fund check is received, PES will refund your deposit. 

Please also see Common Questions, #12 - How am I going to pay for the tank removal and contamination cleanup? 


Out of pocket (non-reimbursable) Cost
Tank Removal $1900
Trust Fund Supplement call for current rate
Required Assessment and Cleanup Cost
To be financed $15,000
Reimbursed from the Trust Fund $15,000

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