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About PES

Practical Environmental Solutions, P.C. was incorporated in 2001 to provide quality consulting services to underground storage tank owners and property owners affected by buried tanks. 

Heating oil tank issues are becoming more and more common as potential home buyers are learning about the problems and liabilities associated with buying a property that has or has had an underground heating oil tank.  PES objective is to help home owners and potential buyers resolve heating oil contamination issues by conducting tank removals (closures) and contamination cleanups.

We didn't make up the North Carolina regulations and we can't change the facts, but we can help you resolve your tank responsibility and assist you in qualifying for North Carolina Trust Fund reimbursement.  Because we specialize in residential heating oil tank projects, we can make the process as painless and timely as possible.

As with many government programs, following the established procedures can be challenging.  PES will conduct every step of the process for you. The site work, the required State reports, and the Trust Fund paperwork.

Sampling a groundwater monitoring well.

Why you should choose PES?
Anyone with a back hoe can take your tank out of the ground, but ending your environmental liability by properly documenting contamination cleanup, and accessing the Trust Fund is another matter.  Since 2001, PES has been helping property owners resolve tank issues and accessing the Trust Fund to assist in the cleanup costs.  PES guarantees the lowest price on a proper tank removal or appropriate closure in place.

The State of North Carolina requires that a licensed professional collect underground storage tank soil and groundwater samples.  Conducting the appropriate sampling and the required cleanup according to State guidelines is also critical to your Trust Fund eligibility. PES holds License Number C-348 issued by the North Carolina Board for Licensing of Geologists and has a licensed geologist on staff.

PES is experienced, licensed, and fully insured.


PES is uniquely qualified to respond promptly and professionally.

We are a Wilmington based company to better respond to your needs promptly.  Because we are local, we can provide onsite consulting, free tank removal estimates, and even some other investigation services. 

PES is professionally licensed to conduct soil and groundwater investigations.

PES has over 20 years of experience working with the State agency that regulates underground tanks and administers the Trust Fund. 

Unlike most environmental consultants, we focus specifically on residential tanks and the needs of home owners.  We "do" residential tanks, we do them well, and we do them promptly to meet your timing requirements. 

PES provides Total Project Management to the home owner.  PES will completely coordinate your tank removal, assist you in qualifying for the Trust Fund, conduct the technical environmental work according to State requirements, and file all of the paperwork for Trust Fund reimbursement.  We handle the total project so you don't have to.

Kirk W. McDonald, P.G.  - President

Kirk McDonald has been a North Carolina licensed geologist since 1987.

In addition to private consulting, he has had over 14 years experience working for the North Carolina Underground Storage Tank Section.  This is the state agency that regulates oil tank closures and administers the Tank Trust Fund.

He understands all aspects of tank closure, contamination cleanup, Trust Fund reimbursement, and the "inside" workings of the State's tank program.

Put his experience and knowledge to work for you to resolve your tank and contamination responsibility.

Credentials and Qualifications:

Professional Geologist License:
North Carolina Licensed since 1987 (#1000). 

B.A. in Geology from Guilford College, Greensboro, NC [1982].
Master Degree in Geology from the University of Missouri – Columbia [1986].

Work Experience:

Practical Environmental Solution, P.C.:
Incorporated since 2001, PES has removed over 200 tanks in the Wilmington area.  PES is licensed, fully insured, and offer free, no-obligation estimates. 

North Carolina Underground Storage Tank Section:

Incident management for underground storage tank projects included reviewing consultants' investigation reports and evaluating consultants' cleanup plans for petroleum contamination incidents.  Often this role involved requiring and directing additional site assessment and recommending more appropriate remediation strategies. 

Project supervision also included pre-approving cost for conducting necessary work and reviewing request for payment once the scope of work was completed [1988 to 2002]. 

Groundwater and Geologic Consulting:
Raleigh, NC [1986 and 1987]

Project work included:

  1. groundwater studies involving water table delineation,
  2. water resource studies including aquifer testing, and
  3. site suitability studies for municipal sludge disposal. 

Kirk was born in Chapel Hill, grew up in Laurinburg, NC, and has made Wilmington his home since 1988. 

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